DJ Carmin Wong, Behind the Decks, at your next corporate event!

DJ Carmin Wong, producing your next Festival!

photo of DJ Carmin Wong Deejaying the Cherry Blossom Festival 2011, video of her DJing live in front of 5 million people at San Francisco Pride, Civic Center in 2012

DJ Carmin Wong DJing at your next trade show, Expo, seminar!

DJ Carmin Wong DJing at your next Marathon, 5k, 10k, Running event!


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    Music and mind over water, lets row away together
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    Emergence via @YouTubeMusic
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    @AskAConcierge @qatarairways you got to meet 3 beautiful strangers! Shoot if they moved me 3x and put me next to th…
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    I’m listening to Meditative Mindfulness ♫ @iHeartRadio


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